About/My Review Process

Stone and Blood is a blog covering science fiction, fantasy, and general geekery.  I’ll review novels, games, television, and movies, as well as provide thoughts and commentary on current tech/nerd news and events.


My Review Process

I’m not a fan of most review systems that use any sort or point scale or stars or anything like that. I think it takes something that is highly complex and subjective and tries to boil it down into a simple, objective number. Doesn’t work.

The other problem is that those sort of reviews almost always tend towards extremes. In the typical five star system used by websites such as Amazon, you have people who didn’t like the book who give it one star even though it still had some good qualities, or those who give it five stars even though it had some flaws. Ten point scales inevitably trend upwards, and anything that doesn’t score at least a 7.5 is viewed as bad.

So what’s my system? I want to focus on what’s important, the real reason people read reviews in the first place. “Should I buy this book/game/movie?” Every review will have a TL;DR that will give you the simple answer to that question. I’m also aware that it depends a lot on personal taste, and so will try to give similar products that would give you an idea of whether or not you’d enjoy this one.

Other than that there’s no real “system”. I’ll give an general overview of the product, delve a little deeper into two or three aspects I found to be interesting/of importance, and then give a conclusion with my overall thoughts.

I think this is the most realistic and helpful way to go about reviewing these types of media. You may not always agree with my tastes or evaluations, but I hope they will at least help in your decision of whether or not to make that next purchase.



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